Hitler the Genius: What Hitler thought about Marriage and Children

Finally, I’m doing some reading about Hitler. It is by a man who was a close confidante of his in the late 1920s, before he became the Chancellor of Germany.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hitler was exceptionally clever. Truly, the man was exceptional.

Ignore all the total crap the Jews, British and Americans have to say about Hitler. Hitler was incredibly knowledgeable and clever.

Hitler lived a very drab and utterly boring and very frugal life even when he was beginning to make his way up and forward through life.

There is an astounding story about the map mystery, that I will discuss separately, which shows the incredible intellect of Hitler.

Hitler’s knowledge of history is incredible. And Hitler definitely saw a wonderful future for Europe as a whole.

But I was quite astounded by some of Hitler’s insights into marriage, children and love and women.

It is true that Hitler DID LOVE CHILDREN! He thought that children were very delightful. He said quite a few things about the delightfulness of little children and how they can bring great happiness to their parents.

But Hitler made a fascinating statement about marriage. He said that the ONLY REASON TO GET MARRIED IS TO HAVE A FAMILY! He did not speak about love. He said that you ONLY get married in order to have a family. I must tell you, I think Hitler is dead right. Marriage is not about love. It is about having children. Period. I think this shows a deeper understanding of the dynamics between men and women.

Hitler then went on to make another astounding observation, that I also agree with. I’ve never posted this on my websites ever, but it is something I, too, have noticed in history and pondered many times.

Hitler said that should he succeed in politics and should he become a hero in Germany, that he would rather NOT HAVE CHILDREN. And here’s why. Hitler observed that if a great man has sons, that his sons will NEVER match the father’s achievements. He cited a number of famous Germans and asked: Where are those sons whose talent matches that of their fathers!

This is something I too have noticed, and I’ve pondered whether it is wise to leave money, property, etc to one’s offspring. This is a topic that I won’t get into here. But I have noticed this. That the children of the great are often under performing and don’t amount to much. There are some exceptions.

Probably the greatest exception is Alexander the Great. But it could be that Alexander the Great’s greatness was actually deliberately created by his father.

Then there’s Frederick the Great. He too was greater than his father. However, there may be an explanation for this, and it’s quite horrific. It’s something I will discuss when I do the "God’s of War" series.

So there are times when sons outperform their fathers or, the son is pretty good and is able to build on the success of his father. BUT THESE ARE THE EXCEPTIONS.

Hitler is quite right that in the majority of cases, the children never match the father. The children can even be quite pathetic.

Hitler said that if he had a son, he could be a non-performer, but he could even become DANGEROUS!

He cited Napoleon’s problems with having children – which was a total flop.

Hitler was a very clever man. There is no question about it. He was deep.

Like I say, ignore the mountains of crap the Jews, British and Americans have to say about him. It’s all just garbage.

The NAZIS were awesome.

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