Hitler the Confederate…

I think I saw this in Hitler’s Table talk the other day. I have been reading chunks of Hitler’s Table talk and also Mein Kampf. So it’s in either one of those two.

Hitler was talking about the structure of Germany, and how a centralised system was a very bad idea. He was talking about how each province or state in Germany had the power to do certain things the way it wanted to. He was fully convinced this was the best way. He was adamant that you cannot force each province/state to just do things the way everyone else does. He said that people in different regions have different needs and problems and therefore as a ruler you must take that into account.

Sadly, I can’t remember the finer details now. But in a nutshell, this sounds a heck of a lot like STATES RIGHTS in the USA! Where States used to have the bulk of the power and the Federal Government had very little power.

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