Hitler believed in God: Intelligent Design, the Hand of God … but Atheism is DEAD RIGHT

[This is from an email I wrote to a young guy who chided me for being intelligent yet not able to see the Hand of God in the universe. MAKE NO MISTAKE I AM A VERY RELUCTANT ATHEIST, BUT IT IS A FACT. Jan]

This was my reply to him:

re: God must exist.
I was a pro-God person all my life and when I stopped believing in spiritual things, I also was an "intelligent design" kinda guy ALL THE WAY.

But in recent years, I have to admit the atheists are right.

They are dead right.

The universe is truly an accident, and we ourselves are an unbelievable exception – which makes us all the more valuable.

I like astronomy, and for me, the exo-planets are the proof that things really are random.

Also, atheists are correct in saying that they don’t have to prove that God exists. God adds complexity to something already complex.

Hitler, for the record, was a pro-God kinda guy. He was, like I was, a sort of intelligent design kinda guy.

But I’m afraid, atheism is merely the raw fact of the matter. It is correct.

But that makes us even more precious.

Ben Klassen actually went to the right conclusion and that is to say that the White Race IS GOD.

I suspect Dr Pierce might have been heading in that direction too.

Trust me, I believed in intelligent design for all I was worth. But the reality is that it’s not needed to explain us.

We are truly just incredibly lucky and no the universe was not built for us. It was a random thing. And that randomness can be seen in the discoveries of exo-planets especially.

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