Heroism: 6-Year-Old Wyoming Boy Sets the 2020 Standard for White Manhood – My Comments

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[Here's a very cool story from National Vanguard. Wonderful brave little American boy. You see? There's nothing wrong with whites. There's nothing wrong with the children. The only problem with our minds is the Jew inside our BRAIN! That's the ONLY PROBLEM. If we are our natural selves we'll all be happy and fine. I love the story and of course the commentary of Dr Pierce about the Spartans. That dedication to your own people, of King Leonidas and the Spartans … you'll find it all across European history where white men have faced death squarely in the face for their nation and their people. All we must do is to extend that to ALL OF OUR RACE. We must ALL stand up for each other. We are ONE RACE. It is amazing, that the whites of America, with such fantastic European DNA in them, are so cowered by the Jews. Very sad. America has the DNA of Europe. Jan]


by James Harting

JULY 9th of this year saw six-year-old Bridger Walker and his four-year-old sister playing in a friend’s backyard in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Also in the yard were two dogs, one, said Bridger, was “nice” but the other one was “mean.” Suddenly and without warning, the mean dog (a one-year-old German Shepherd mix) charged at Bridger’s sister, snarling and snapping viciously. Without hesitation, Bridger threw himself between his sister and the attacking canine.

The dog lunged at him, clamping on to the young boy’s face. Bridger struggled with the out-of-control animal and eventually wrested himself free. The dog remained in front of him, barking aggressively. Bridger then took his sister by the hand and led her to safety. He subsequently received 90 stitches to close the wounds made by the dog, including some made perilously close to his left eye. When his father asked him why he did what he did, his son answered, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

There has been an outpouring of publicity and support for Bridger’s heroic courage. He has received messages of congratulations from celebrities and has been interviewed by the media. He told the reporters that his interests are “geology” (that is, rocks) and superheroes. At age six, the irony has escaped him: Captain America is an imaginary superhero — but Bridger is one in real life.

We live in an era when many White people prefer to bow down and grovel before their racial enemies rather to stand up to them. Other Whites adopt a neutral stance and are neither defiant nor compliant. Both postures offer some degree of safety to besieged Whites, in the same manner that a man being beaten will curl up in a fetal position so as not to anger his attacker further by resisting him.

In Richmond, Virginia, former capital of the Confederacy, White men stand on the sidelines and curse quietly to themselves while rampaging mobs of anti-Whites tear down the statues commemorating their heritage. The police also watch silently and do nothing. Whatever their private sentiments may be, they have been ordered by their superiors not to intervene and enforce the law. For a White officer to go against orders would jeopardize his career. So, it’s safer for them to let the anti-Whites have their way, even though they know that it is not right.

You can easily find videos on YouTube that show a White man or woman being brutally beaten by a pack of inner city “youfs.” In the background, other Whites stand by with their hands in their pockets, watching idly with blank expressions on their faces. You can read their minds: “Man, I’m glad that’s not me!”

But it was not always like this. I can well remember growing up in an America in which I, and every other boy in my class, wanted to be Davy Crockett, the pioneer who willingly gave his life fighting against overwhelming odds at the Alamo. Heroism was the ruling ideal of the day; every boy wanted to be a hero, and every girl wanted to marry one.

And such has it been for countless thousands of years of White history.

In his editorial in issue number three of National Socialist World (Spring 1967), Dr. William L. Pierce called attention to a striking sentence from Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

Leonidas and his three hundred Spartans devoted their lives at Thermopylae; but the education of the infant, the boy, and the man had prepared, and almost ensured, this memorable sacrifice; and each Spartan would approve, rather than admire, an act of duty of which himself and eight thousand of his fellow-citizens were equally capable.

So it is when heroism is the ideal. But in today’s collapsing, degenerate society, it is victimhood that is lionized, not self-sacrifice for one’s community. It is the victim who is the culture hero, not someone who places the good of others before his own welfare.

Sadly, I have met young middle class Whites, who live lives of comfort and, yes, privilege, that are the envy of 98 percent of the world’s population – and who nonetheless seek to define themselves as “victims” in some way or another of “cis-gendered capitalist patriarchy.” For in a world in which victimhood is the most exalted state of being, how could they possibly bear not to be victims themselves?

But in his own quiet, unselfconscious way, Bridger Walker has held up a different standard of behavior for White people today. The heroic courage that he displayed cannot be taught: it is innate. Either you have it or you don’t. It can be encouraged or it can be suppressed, but it cannot be created out of thin air.

Heroism is one of the defining traits of the Aryan peoples. It is based on the idea that the common good comes before the good of the individual. The capacity for heroic behavior sleeps inside each of us, ready to spring to life when the need arises.

Heed the call when you hear it!

Source: https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/07/heroism-6-year-old-wyoming-boy-sets-the-2020-standard-for-white-manhood/

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