Hello White Americans! – Hoping Trump wins this BIG DAY and smashes pedophile criminal traitor Biden!!!


Hello Americans,I’m hoping Trump smashes Biden to shit today. I think it will be good for white American morale to feel that you’re not losing. I was dashing around today doing some grocery shopping, having a haircut and taking care of some matters.

My Portuguese hairdresser was asking my views because he was worried that Trump won’t win and some of his kids are living in the USA! I told him I’m certain Trump will win.

After I saw the incredible scale of the Arizona crowd that Trump got as well as listening to Alex Linder’s analysis, I felt comfortable that White America is on a roll.

And, as Alex says, the next leaders must be even more racial and tougher! We are entering an era where we need hard, tough, white leaders.

So I’ll be monitoring things, I’m keen to see the first election results roll in.

Will Biden and the Dems try to steal the election! For bloody sure! I watched last time closely as Hillary’s scum were winning. But I think Trump is too organised and much better entrenched than last time.

I have no doubt that he has military, police, secret service and other types on his side more so than before.

Also, this time the white Americans know what they’re electing. They don’t have to listen to the lying media.

If Trump were to lose, nobody would be more surprised than me. I would fail to believe it.

Our race needs to begin stirring with tougher leaders. We need real leaders, not a bunch of pussies. We need to get stuck into our ENEMIES!!! Time to win back the Western world and civilisation. We have enemies to crush!

Trump is a start.

But we need to do it everywhere, especially Europe.

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