Have you noticed how you are losing control of your email?

Here’s something for you to ponder. Just watch this. When the Internet came online there were several email platforms that you could use to read your emails – I’m talking programs that you could install on your PC and then you can keep your emails on your PC and even export them into files.

Nowadays, go and see how many such independent programs exist 25 years later… answer: only two. One is Microsoft Outlook. The other is Thunderbird.

In all other instances your email lives on someone else’s server and you cannot export your emails or control them.

The Jewish Social Media for years said “email is dead” and the social media lives … but go and look in your mailbox and you’ll see tons and tons of emails from the social media and also advertising that has been allowed by Gmail, etc.

I’m finding with Gmail that they are restricting your access to your own emails more and more. Your messages are their property … not to mention that they’re processing your emails and can spy on you.

Email is the most important thing other than websites, and see how you are losing control of your own data and messages. You can only access them through the websites or apps run by these Jewish companies.

For the record if anyone knows more about getting hold of your email data and exporting it, let me know. I’m trying bit by bit to regain control of my own mailboxes.


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