Have the Jew-Ridden, Jewish-Controlled British EVER DONE ANYTHING GOOD FOR WHITES?

I’m going to publish an excerpt from another article I wrote wherein I questioned the British and their rotten track record with regard to Whites:

The more I observe and study the actions of Jewish controlled Britain, where the Royal Family are a bunch of half Jews and the aristocracy is heavily infiltrated with Jews, the most disgusted I am. I cannot find a single example of this rotten rat island of Britain doing anything good for Whites anywhere. And the British themselves, don’t seem to realise that they are benefiting at the expense of other Whites. British people who live in South Africa for the most part also have a very negative attitude to Whites. I think especially of a hardware store owner and his wife whom I used to support – BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE. One day the old lady was so rude when I paid her in coins instead of notes. Then I decided: Screw them. I go out of my way to shop at their store to support them BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE and this is the attitude I must put up with? There are some exceptions like a Brit I know who used to be in the Royal Navy. He prefers to live in SA. He returned to the UK and then decided, Fck it, he’s returning to SA. The coolest Brit I worked with was a computer programmer named Paul. Paul fcking HATED BRITAIN. He said the Brits are dumb pompous asses. The British need to be freed from Jewish domination.

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