The Great Suidlander Panic of 2007: Suidlanders & angry Boer Email to Simon Roche – Jews


In this post I’m following up on the video I did on Simon Roche which you can view here:

I’ve been digging into the Suidlanders again because they’re making a lot of noise here and whites here are getting scared.

Yes the above video is based exactly on an email I wrote directly to Simon Roche which he never answered. I was in a foul mood because all ten of my youtube channels had been banned. But I stand by my statements in that email.

Some points to ponder about Roche and the Suidlanders:-
1. If you watch the first interview Simon Roche gave in March 2017 when he arrived in the USA. In that first lecture he said that in April 2017 the blacks would wipe the whites out. So he’s already discredited himself. It is on youtube. I have a copy. I think he did it on 17th March 2017 – approximately.

2. Regarding the above, you’ll find the Suidlanders talking about their extremely accurate, super accurate prophecies of Van Rensburg. But you’ll find that they have to revise and change their story at least once or twice a year. The new date for the extermination of the whites is now 8th August 2017. I’m told that’s when the BIG ATTACK goes down on Johannesburg. I live here, I will be waiting for it – bored out of my mind.

3. Suidlanders was formed in 2006. Back then I was very suspicious of them, of their leader Gustav Muller. In 2007, they were involved in the biggest white panic in South Africa when they claimed Nelson Mandela was dead and “uhuru” had come and the blacks were going to exterminate us all. This article is from one of the biggest MSM sites in SA, News24, from 2007. You can read what happened AND you can also read those “accurate predictions” they had back then and notice how different they are from the “accurate predictions” now. Here’s the URL:

The Suidlanders do nothing but scare people for no reason at all.

I still regard them as a Government Psy-op.

They’ve been more wrong than you can believe.

There is another interview Simon Roche made in the USA wherein he calls himself a “judophile”. He goes on and on saying how he has always been drawn to everything Jewish all his life and how he loves the Jews. (He’s also been to Israel BTW). But he says this, it comes out of his mouth directly. I have a copy of the video but I’d have to hunt for the link.

My view remains firmly that the Suidlanders is a South African Govt psy-op and Simon Roche is their most senior agent. In other interviews he tells how he was dealing with the Presidential inaugurations in South Africa and how he was at times the ONLY WHITE MAN in a room full of high ranking blacks.

That shows you how high he was and how TRUSTED he was by the blacks.

Also, the Suidlanders on their website state that because they are Christians they have to accept Simon Roche into their organisation BECAUSE he said he was WRONG in the past and that as Christians they must forgive him!!

These people are being played for fools I tell you. Simon Roche is a white traitor working for the South African Govt and he’s just infiltrated these naive Christians. This is so bad. A very dumb thing to do.

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