Good Video Websites for Whites: GoyimTv


I’m keener than ever to spread my old and new videos on to any websites that run decent video channels. F*ck Youtube…

And on the subject of Jewtube, the bastards are pushing for people to sign up to watch videos … and no doubt pay … and I take quite a delight in always turning down their trial period offer. I think: f*ck you mates… you sons of bitches who drove me off!

Gab’s video channel seems to have been a flop. I did try it quite a long time ago. I am enjoying Bitchute. I have a tiny channel on Brighteon.

I went to but its down. Apparently its being worked on. So I’ll keep an eye open for it.

If any of you know of good websites where it may be worth putting my videos, then please drop me a line on the contact us page. I’m keen to spread my videos further afield where other whites will come across them.

This month has been frustrating for me with my internet problems, and the malware on africancrisis and white-shop has been exceptionally irritating to me in the last 3 days as I delve into it. Its not been fun.

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