Good News: Gab is BACK ONLINE! … Bad news… Were people removed? Alex Linder gone?

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[I was so very happy to see that Gab is back online.

I wanted to copy a post to Alex Linder on Gab and to my amazement I could not find Alex listed there. That bothered me and I wondered whether he had perhaps been removed because of previous posts on Gab about popping the Jews.

Then today I went to look at my following on Gab. In all the time that I’ve been on Gab, I have NEVER had my following go down. I noticed at least 40+ followers had just disappeared.

That reinforced my fears that Gab has been removing people.

I also saw that there was a definite anti-NAZI tone to Gab which did not exist before – which is sad for me.

But I won’t complain more. I’m just glad that Gab is back, even if its not as good as it was before.

Gab is definitely the best thing that’s happened to the white right… so let’s be grateful for that for now. Jan]

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