Glenn Beck: A Mormon radio host has a demon dream

[I did not know that Glenn Beck was a Mormon. This is what one of my long-time supporters sent me. These are her thoughts. I'm not worried about dreams and daemons. But some people might find this of interest. Jan]

Glenn Beck is a radio host. He is a Mormon. A true believer.

IMO – it is a PsyOp:

In this video Glenn Beck says he left New York because of ill health: He hadn’t had normal sleep for ten years (no"REM" sleep).

Away from New York Beck has a "demon" dream. The demon worships Moloch (who demands child-sacrifice). Beck concludes that the coming battle will be between demons and humans. (As if! A neat diversionary Psyop that obscures the true culprits.)

One year later Beck is called by a famous church leader, who asks Beck to visit him. Beck and his wife fly to visit the church leader that weekend. (Probably a Mormon cult leader.) The visit is scheduled for the next day. That night Beck has the exact same demon dream.

When Beck visits the church leader, the latter tells him to honor dreams and visions. The "church leader" is "in" on the scam.

Glenn Beck (as any influential speaker) has been under intensive surveillance and has been duped by MK Ultra manipulation. In other words, just as there is the military weapon V2K (used on the Iraqis), there is an Image2K version.

1). Excerpt from Wikipedia about Glenn Beck’s Mormonism)
2). About the Mormons’ cozy relationship with Israel: In 1986 the Mormons were permitted to build a Mormon temple in Jerusalem overlooking the Dome of the Rock!!!

(View from the Mormon "study center," overlooking the Dome of the Rock.)

2). Excerpt about Glenn Beck’s Mormonism:

"During this time, Beck’s Mormon friend and former radio partner Pat Gray argued in favor of the "comprehensive worldview" offered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an offer that Beck rejected until a few years later.[31] (Later, after moving to the New York City area, he had a consultation with Graham, which he said affected him strongly.[36]
In 1999, Beck married his second wife, Tania.[31] After they went looking for a faith on a church tour together,[31] they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in October 1999, partly at the urging of his daughter Mary.[37][38]

Beck was baptized by his old friend and Pat Gray.[31] Beck and Tania have two children together. Until April 2011, the couple lived in New Canaan, Connecticut, with the four children.[39][40]

In July 2011, Beck leased a house in the Fort Worth suburb of Westlake, Texas.[42] In 2012, he moved his main TV and radio studios to Dallas, Texas.[43]

On November 10, 2014, Beck announced on TheBlaze that he had been suffering from a severe neurological disorder for at least the last five years.[44] He described many strong and debilitating symptoms that made it difficult for him to work,[45] and also announced that he had "a string of health issues that quite honestly made me look crazy, and quite honestly, I have felt crazy because of them".[46]

Beck said that a chiropractor who specializes in "chiropractic neurology", Frederick Carrick, had "diagnosed [him] with several health issues, including an autoimmune disorder, which he didn’t name, and adrenal fatigue."

Over ten months he had received a series of treatments and felt better.[47] On January 13, 2022, Beck announced that his second case of COVID-19 was "getting into my lungs".[48]

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