German Lung Specialist summarizes his COVID-19 CoronaVirus findings

[Here is the excellent, sane, German specialist. This is how this nonsense should have been handled to begin with instead of this global Jewish-Mass Media induced panic. If proper medical specialists and scientists had been consulted we would not have had this fiasco and nobody would have listened to the Jewish lies. People here in SA are panicking over this. It is totally stupid. Jan]

This is a translation of the German, from this website:

I summarize my technical assessment again here. Act sensibly and in solidarity!

Health assessment:

There is no valid data and no evidence of exceptional health threats.

Undisputed facts:

  • The official mortality statistics, which are still available, and various national flu monitoring institutes show the normal course of the curves.
  • The seasonal “flu” is as usual.
  • Corona viruses are and have always been there.
  • Corona viruses, influenza viruses and other viruses have to change continuously.
  • So “new” viruses are normal.

The significance and application of the PCR tests:

  • The tests used have not been officially validated, but have only been approved by cooperating institutes.
  • The tests (Wuhan and Italy) are often used selectively, for example in the case of seriously ill people anyway, and are then unusable for assessing the risk of disease.
  • Without the tests, which are questionable in terms of their informative value and their falsifying application, there would be no indication for emergency measures.

Other risks of misjudgment

  • Even in Italy, without the new tests, the annual problem in the flu season would be observed: undersupply, an aging population, a large number of deaths due to hospital infections, tightness, lack of staff and a high level of antibiotic resistance. A positive Sars-2-Cov test is largely only a secondary finding. Influenza is still much more dangerous for weakened patients, but is hardly noticed.
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