German Conservative unsubscribes: Doesn’t like Hitler, NAZIs or my calls for Race War

When people leave my mailing lists I look at what they have to say. Most of the time, nobody has much to say, but a German left me this message:

Message: I’m a conservative white person but I disagree with your calls to race war and the murder and exterminate other human beings like Blacks and Jews. I also, as a German dislike your constant glorification and praise of Hitler and Nazi dictatorship.

I sent him an email to then ask him some questions:

Let me ask you:

  1. Are you a Christian?

  2. As a German, what is your problem with Hitler and the NAZIS?

  3. If you do not like my calls to Race war, etc – Then what is your suggested answer?

Are you aware of the many, many, many, many political things we have tried with the blacks that DID NOT WORK OUT?



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