Frustrated White American Veteran soldier who wants to train White Militias

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[This is from an email discussion. This is from a frustrated American Veteran. This just adds to my views that we still have many educated and especially experienced and even battle-hardened Whites, who can help others. We, as a race, are far from finished. Jan]

When I went into the Army in 1971 I was trained for five months at Fort McClellan, Alabama at the Chemical Warfare School and learned Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare. Trust me in saying that the information that they gave me was not available to the Public. I know exactly how Biological Warfare works. I worked for 14 years in an Emergency Room. In talking to the Doctors, they did not know jack shit about Biological Warfare. Why? Because Nixon signed an Executive Order abolishing OUR Biological Warfare program. I was able to learn it before they quit teaching it.

It is my experience that although I was Formally trained in a subject (Biological Warfare) and actually participated in the work (Training and Experience), what I know is just "Bullshit" to other people with no Training or experience in the Field. In my 28 years in the Army I was given refresher courses in CBR Warfare as I was always the CBR Non-Commissioned Officer when I was Enlisted, and the CBR Officer once I became Commissioned. I continue to study it now.

I have had the same problem with trying to teach people who are expecting a War or a Tribulation that there are two parts to a gunfight. First you must be able to shoot well, second you must be able to avoid getting shot yourself so I advocated for and offered to train Militias and people Combat Survival Skills and Basic Infantry Tactics.

However my 14 years in the Infantry rising to Staff Sergeant and Infantry Team and Squad Leadership Positions, then 14 years as an Armored Cavalry Officer (Infantry on Steroids) leading a Platoon, a Company (Troop) and working as a Battalion Intelligence Staff Officer- plus the experience of 16 different Conflict Zones starting with the Vietnam War and ending in Cambodia 1997-98 as an adviser to the Royal Cambodian Army fighting the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (Earning me a Knight’s Decoration given by King Sihanouk for my effectiveness against the Khmer Rouge)- is ignored by all. They who have not a single day’s Military Training and never having been to a single day of War; all without exception know far better than me how to fight a War.

So, I am done talking to people about what they know so much better than me.

It is not a pride thing, it was just me trying to help my race survive. My race thinks they know it all and are too smart to learn anything. My Race will go extinct because they are so smart and know it all already.

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