From the Reverned Matt Hale on the 177th anniversary of Friedrich Nietzsche’s birth


[Very nice stuff. I'm a fan of
Nietzsche too. A very deep, and very amazing man! Jan]

Friends and Supporters: Matt sends two quotes! Ms. H

"On this, the 177th anniversary of Friedrich Nietzsche’s birth, I commemorate a man who, nearly as much as any other, has had a profound influence upon my life and thought. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," "The Antichrist," "The Will to Power," "On Genealogy of Morals," and his other books remain classics to this day, whose depth is unmatched by that of any other philosopher I know."
Matthew F. Hale

"I have loved hard, hated hard, and lived hard. And yet I would not want it any other way."
Matthew F. Hale

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