From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: Cathy Buckle, now famous – was AGAINST Ian Smith


Cathy Buckle is a White woman, one of the handful of Whites left in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. She’s written a bunch of books, some of them with names that include the word "tears" in them. She writes about the sadness of how life became in what was formerly glorious Rhodesia.

She is quoted by many these days across the stupid Western Liberal world.

But I have heard on more than one occasion that they say that in her day, in Rhodesia, that Cathy Buckle was anti-Ian Smith. That she was against his policies.

I get the impression that she was one of these Black-loving, White-hating, Liberals possibly.

She is a Rhodesian version of those worthless Liberals that exist in vast quantities in America, of which there were some in South Africa too.

History will show these people to be what they are: Cowardly weaklings who worked against their own race.

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