From Reverence Matt Hale in jail – Church of Creativity – Quotes for Whites! – My Comments

[Matt is an awesome man. Very few Whites are as horribly maltreated as Matt has been. But he still continues forward. Please don't forget to go to the website:


Friends and Supporters: Matt has sent more quotes! Ms. H

"To my knowledge, I have never hurt a black man, Jew, or other colored person in any way. I only ask–and in fact demand–that they not hurt the White Race of which I am a part and love."

Matthew F. Hale

"It is impossible for me to regret my service on behalf of our White Race and that is the case even if I were to spend a THOUSAND years in prison. For I draw the necessary logical conclusion from the worldview that I hold, and that is that an entire race of people is more valuable than my life."

Matthew F. Hale

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