From Italy & America: Most Doctors are White Race traitors and Jewish Capitalist Whores… Are Whites 80% death jabbed?


[This is from a discussion between an Italian racial man, a really nice guy, and an American. As I was saying to Alex Linder the other day, if there's only one lesson that Whites must learn, then that lessin is to STICK TOGETHER RACIALLY AT ALL COSTS! That alone will save us. Jan]

The American wrote:-

The Goy doctors are mostly as bad as the Jew doctors at this point. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be going along with ANY of this Covid Crazy shit.

I often wonder if the JEW doctors take the jab…or if they take something else…..or nothing at all and then just SAY they took it.

Looks like most of the former and soon to be extinct WHITE WORLD is between 70% and 90% "fully" death jabbed at this point

In a couple of years, the White population of the planet will likely make up only about 1-2% of the total humanoid population.

The great "White Genocide"……has worked.

The Italian replied:-
Unfortunately, the vast majority of goyim doctors are filthy traitors of their own people and followers and accomplices of Shylock. I don’t know about the States, but here in Italy these murderous bastards who perform the "vaccinations" earn € 80.00 per hour X 6 hours per day = € 480.00 per day, and then about 13,000.00 per month. WE MUST ABSOLUTELY CLEAN UP OUR RACE.

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