From Germany: Just think through the BLACKOUT – how do you want to survive it?


[This is a translation from the German. Jan]

Friends, critics and fellow thinkers!

Our criminal rulers harass us with house arrest, masking, fake pandemic numbers, fake virus dangers and put our country in permanent panic with the help of their media accomplices.

What none of these rags is talking about so far should make us concerned – because nobody is talking about it.

It is the really big blow against us by the NWO planners = THE GREAT BLACKOUT (failure of electricity, internet and transport)

If there is no electricity, there is no longer an open supermarket, no bread, no market, no gasoline, etc. Depending on how long this deliberately brought about state of war against the own population lasts, civil war will most certainly break out and the African cultural bringer will kick you open the apartment door because they want your last supplies. They don’t care who "jumps over the blade". Think about it, it can suddenly happen very quickly:

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