From Billy Roper: Shield Wall Network response to Expanding Urban Warfare in the USA

[I like the things Billy is doing. He wrote about the fact that the USA would yet Balkanize and split up. Jan]

SWN Response To Expanding Urban Warfare:
For years, ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper and other accelerationists in the Balk Right have been warning White Americans that multiracial democracy is doomed to failure, and that the breakup of the United States was inevitable.

People in general being complacent and lazy, many did not believe us until most of our country’s cities became active fire urban warfare zones. Now, we are being inundated with phone calls and emails not only from the controlled media and former associates who had become inactive and now want to get involved again, but more importantly from first time contacts; White Americans who realize that living in multiracial cities and suburbs is not a safe option for themselves and their families. We are working feverishly to help them network with like-minded Whites in their areas (Operation Exodus) and to plan divesting from multicultural regions in preparation of moving to more rural and homogeneous White areas such as here in Ozarkia, or zones closer to them if that is more appropriate, where they can help us move forward with the next phase of Project New America.

We do not believe that this is a “false flag” operation. It is not in the interests of the establishment for people to think about racial division or to see black violence, looting, arson, and TNB acted out in the controlled media. We also know many of the organizers of the protests personally on the other side, and our infiltrators have been closely following their planning processes and communications for these events, and most of them seem to be organically driven by the left, not by the establishment trying to force everyone to remain together beneath them.

These events currently unfolding are the most powerful acceleration which we have witnessed in our lifetimes. Memes and rhetoric aside, we had sincerely hoped that the better angels of human nature might shine through, and peaceful separation would be possible. However, the Civic Nationalist support for the Union and the parasitic desperation of its dependents to prop it up in order to bolster the profit margins of the capitalist bosses and megacorporations and keep the corrupt politicians from both parties in power have made the chances for a mutually advantageous and civil balkanization process unlikely. Now, the open warfare between antifa and their puppets and the estabishment enforcers have made a peaceful resolution nearly impossible.

It did not have to be this way. But, this is the way the left wants it. And, the establishment would not voluntarily give up power, however optmistic many had been in that regard. If anything, the recent actions and statements by Trump, the chosen figurehead of the establishment, indicate that the conflict will only accelerate further. Fortunately, however, the puppet’s rhetoric against the protesters and antifa have clarified to simple-minded and confused MAGAtard CivNats which way to virtue signal. The #BlackLivesMatter and #Icantbreathe hashtags from otherwise conservative Whites have evaporated following the President’s statements about the thugs, domestic terrorists, and antifa.

Let us be clear: Despite many ridiculous claims by antifa and other leftists representing Satanists, LGBTQP, and nonWhite interests, the ShieldWall Network has NOT been responsible for any of the acts of violence, looting, vandalism, or arson which have occurred during and after the protests which SWN members have attended as peaceful observers to document, photograph, and record antifa and their allies in order to further doxx them and their supporters, legally, at a later date. Furthermore, while our rhetoric and optics might be radical, NO ShieldWall Network protest, rally, or demonstration has EVER damaged public property or resulted in looting, arson, or vandalism, and the only people injured have been Communists and anti-White agitators who purposefully got in our way.

On the contrary, SWN has been calling for a peaceful resolution to the deepening and widening differences in this country for years, while those repeated calls for a constructive and honest dialogue have been ignored by the powers that be.

If you are a White person who is caught in a diverse area suffering from cultural enrichment during these riots, we urge you not to get involved unless you have to directly defend your property or families. When you’re being chased down the sidewalk by two pit bulls and they suddenly turn and attack each other, you don’t try to get in between them. You get out of their way. Contact the ShieldWall Network and we will help you get out of the way of what is coming, which will be much worse than what is happening at the moment.

Billy Roper

The ShieldWall Network


P.O. Box 1937
Mountain View, Ar. 72560

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