From a Christian: The fundamental difference between Catholics and Protestants – Jews fooled Martin Luther


[This is from a discussion
between some Christians I know. The portion about the fundamental
difference between Catholics and Protestants is the key. I also
like the references to the original Martin Luther. It is my
impression, from my study of Luther, that Martin Luther originally
was fooled by the Jews. He was originally friendly to the Jews,
and he truly believed that if he split the Church, and got his way
That seriously pissed off and angered Luther, and I suspect that
is why he wrote his book: Of the Jews and their lies. If you look
at what he advocated, he was advocating some really nasty stuff in
there. He suggested that the Princes punish them physically.
There’s some wild stuff in Martin Luther’s writings. Jan]

This is what an American Christian wrote:

The original Protestant, Martin Luther wrote a book: The Jews and Their Lies. He also called the Pope the “Antichrist.” The Fundamental difference between Catholics and Protestants is that the Catholic Church postulates that Salvation is ONLY through the Church, while Protestants postulate that Salvation is ONLY through Christ.

But that was 500 years ago, and now there are 40,000 different Christian Denominations who all think they’re right.

However, that is 40,000 different doctrines of men.

Christ said to not follow the Doctrines of Men.

They have had 2,000 years to make stuff up.

I am a Christian, but according to Jeremiah 31:31-32, “No man has to teach his countryman about God. We can talk directly to him.

My only intercessor is Christ, my only interpreter is the Holy Spirit.

I have quit wasting my time going toany church- it is the blind leading the blind.

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