FOR WHITE WOMEN: NEEDED: BIG WHITE FAMILIES: How About Having Lots of Children???

[A good lady I know in Canada wrote this. She feels very strongly about children and people, which is what White ladies are supposed to do. Yes, BIG FAMILIES should be happening. The real issue is JEWISH MONEY and the JEWISH ECONOMICS of the world. That is the biggest thing holding us up. But that is a discussion for later. Jan]

Here is what the lady wrote:

My message today is mostly for women but also for men. Our society today has become such a mess. Our families have been ripped apart mostly through divorce, feminism and materialism. Women are competing with men for jobs. Women want the nice car, the beautiful house, travel and grand lifestyle which goes with being a career woman.

Women are putting their careers before motherhood. Women are playing hard ball in the corporate world competing with men while putting their most important job of motherhood on hold.

What is the most important role of a woman? When is the best time for this most important role to be fulfilled? Think about this. I asked a young woman who is about to graduate from high school whether she plans to get married now and have a family to which she replied, “No, I need to go to University so that I can support myself if my husband in the future decides to leave me.” Obviously she does not have a lot of faith in men.

Well, maybe a lot of men don’t have any faith in women either because many men today are staying single because they don’t want to end up in a situation where they have/had a family and the wife decides she wants a divorce; takes the children; the house and maybe all the savings. It’s also so easy today for a woman to falsely charge a man with something he may not have done just so she can get the courts to give her custody and the estate. Often women don’t even allow the men to see the children. I know several men who lost their children this way where the woman took the child/children and made it impossible for the father to see his children.

Women are trained (brainwashed) to believe that they need to get a “formal” education so they can pursue a career. Let’s say they graduate from post secondary at 22 or 24 following which they want to work their way up in their chosen career. Well they need a few years to get to that point which could put them around the age of 30.

But what happened in the meantime? A woman’s best years for having children is between 20 and 30 years of age. Career women have missed this mark. Now at age 30 they may start to panic and wonder if they will ever get married and if they will be able to have children. Some may be married by this time but before they have children they want all the material things like a nice car, big house, travel and all the things that money can buy. They want to have it all before they have children.

Do children really need a big, beautiful fancy house with all the trimmings?

Well, let me tell you how kids lived on the prairies!!! Houses were small. My grandparents had a sod house with dirt floors. They raised 9 kids. When I was a kid I lived in a house that wasn’t really a house. Well, what I mean to say is that it was a wooden shack. It was a two story job. Sure it had stairs to get to the second floor but if you weren’t careful, you’d pick up a sliver or two in your feet.

We didn’t have central heating but that didn’t matter because we always had nice, warm feather quilts to keep us warm at night. We had a cook stove in the kitchen in which we burned wood or coal. We had a pot bellied heater in which we burned wood or coal. In the morning the fire was out and as our feet hit the floor in the morning, it was cold alright. The first one out of bed got the fire going in the stove and heater. That was life then but we made it!!!

What I am trying to say here is that children don’t need all the fancy stuff that adults want for them or think they need. It’s nice to have all the amenities but if children have to live with less, they get used to it and don’t mind. In fact, it gives them an incentive to to work hard and achieve to make their lives better.

I have raised children and home schooled grandchildren. Sure they had some toys but what they liked most was going outside, playing with things they found in nature. They had all kinds of formal lessons such as music, dance, soccer, and a foreign language. They had a full life but they also had time to be children and enjoy life. Their academics were done early in the morning, music practice was a must and then they had time to be kids. They still talk about this today and tell us what a wonderful life they had being home schooled. It was also the best time in our lives.

My main message here is to women of today. I suggest you take a serious look at your most important role which is to have children. Lots of children. God said “Increase and multiply.” Fill your quiver with lots of little arrows. Let’s get back to having large families again. The older children will help care for the younger ones. That way they will learn the fine art of parenting. First hand. They can never learn this in the present corrupt school system which is totally designed to destroy our children.

Then comes the argument that both parents must be working in order to make it in today’s society. Not true. What are your priorities? Can you live without going to the local fast food outlet for a quick meal or drink? Could you make that meal and drink at home for a lot less. How many outfits do you need? Can you do with less? Can you learn to shop wisely? Can you learn to do with less so you can afford more children and have a large happy family gathered around the kitchen table rather than a large palatial type home which will take you 25 or 30 years to pay off? What’s more important? Seeing all those smiling, happy kids around a large wooden table or seeing one lonely child in a big house with no siblings?

I met a woman one day at a public ceremony for those who were nominated for special awards. She had ten children. She volunteered in her community. She home schooled her children. What a testimony to having a large family. I actually envied her for her accomplishments. I later met another woman at the local water store in the town near where I live. She too had ten children and was home schooling them. Folks, it can be done. You can have a large family. Think of the life and joy you will experience when all these beautiful children come into your life. Children are your career. Children are the most important part of your life. Women, you don’t need to be in the corporate world to experience satisfaction. In fact, you won’t find the satisfaction you thought you would. You have actually become a slave. Once you have finished your day at work, you still need to go home and cook, clean and take care of the regular household duties.

If you make your children your priority your life will be full. It’s time to stop believing those who would prevent or destroy life. It’s time to turn the tables. Fill your life with children who, under your guidance, will become the beautiful people we want in our lives and society.

I went to a seminar once where the principle speaker was the 9th child in his family. He spent his life studying the Bible and developing his mission of educating people in how to live a Godly life. One comment he made which I always remembered is this: “One way to overcome evil in the world is for good people to have lots of children.”

If you are in your child bearing years, I urge you to have lots of children. You will be blessed. Our world will be blessed. Just think of the changes you can make in the world by co-creating with the Divine and producing lots of beautiful, happy, productive people for our world.

Women, you have those ten best years between 20 and 30 at which time you can fill the world with beautiful people. For this role, you need a man. Give him the opportunity to be the husband and father he is meant to be. Do not deny this privilege to the man. If we want to clean up the mess in our world, you can do your part by having a large beautiful family. By the time the last of the children is grown up, you won’t want a corporate career because by then the grandchildren will be coming and you will be in a new heaven helping out with them. Just think of what a joyful world we could have if many couples would understand this and follow through. We need all the good people, couples, to change the course of history. You can do this by having lots of children.

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