For the Jews: TRUTH = DEATH. For Whites: Truth = Life

[These are some comments I sent to a friend as we discussed part of an article where a lot of whites were diving into comments section and fighting back like crazy against Jewish lies. 

If the Jewish lies win (yet again), then the Jews live. But if the Jews lose, then for them the truth basically leads to their deaths – literally. Jews and the truth are mutually EXCLUSIVE. It cann't be any other way. Jan]

I wrote:
Thanks for the heads up. 69 comments. Some fucking intensive smacking there. People standing their ground.

So excellent. I see that “anti-semitism” has doubled globally in 5 years. Seems we’re doing a fucking excellent job.

I read somewhere that even mild Red Ice has been shut down somewhere. Truth = Death for Jews.

Its that simple. We’re heading into the fight. There’s no other way. But nice to see so many of our people up on the game.

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