FOOD GENOCIDE: The Evil Jew Henry Kissinger advocated population control by starvation in 1970s


I think the Jews are intentionally throwing the Western world under the bus. I was looking at the recommendations of the filthy Jew Kissinger, whom I detest intensely for the harm he brought to us in Rhodesia and South Africa.

As part of a report in the 1970s, Kissinger advised destroying some countries by starvation. Some, I would agree with, e.g. Nigeria. But the key thing you must be aware of, is WHO DOES KISSINGER INTEND TO STARVE?

I would have no problem if the blacks were starved. But what if the real goal is to starve whites?

With that sly old two-faced, three-faced Jew, one needs to watch carefully.

Jews may appear to say one thing, while in fact they have the opposite intention.

Kissinger says Covid-19 will change the world for good. This adds to my thinking that this is a DELIBERATE CREATION.

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