Flat Earth: The Greatest Achievement of the European Race: SCIENCE – Whites don’t appreciate Astronomy

When I was a kid, my hobby, in a very simplistic form, was astronomy. My "equipment" was composed of a pair of old binoculars and a teeny weeny telescope too small for any use in astronomy. A few years later my parents bought me the very bottom-of-the-range telescope that you can use with astronomy. There was very little you could actually see with it. But I spent many hours peering at the Moon and the few planets I could see.

Before I got the bottom-of-the-range 3 inch telescope, my nephews and I would sometimes lie on our backs on the lawn and watch "shooting stars" (meteors) coming down.

I had no camera that could take any photos, so like astronomers a century ago, I sketched what I saw, and believe it or not, I do have my little file of sketches from back then!

I read avidly about real astronomy and of course Aliens and flying saucers.

With my little telescope I could see Venus going through its "phases" the way the Moon does. This happens to planets closer to the sun than the Earth. I was never able to see Mercury. And I had no books or charts that told me where the planets were. So I had to figure it out for myself. I found some planets, but not others.

Many times I was not sure if I was looking at Mars and my telescope was too weak to even show anything on Mars if I was looking at it. So I never really knew if I had spotted Mars.

Jupiter was much better, and with Jupiter, I could, like Galileo, actually see it’s 4 biggest Moons moving around it. That was exciting.

But the most awesome thing I saw was Saturn!!! And Saturn was so hard to find. It took me years to find Saturn. It is very faint. And one day I saw it and I could actually, barely, make out it’s rings. For me that was a huge thing and a source of tremendous excitement.

But despite my total lack of equipment, I read many books and had a good understanding of astronomy and of things related to it.

I am absolutely horrified when I see how little knowledge most Whites seem to have about planets, stars, the solar system and the Earth. All they know is from NASA. But you don’t need NASA in order to understand or even appreciate many things, like the Earth, for example being a rotating sphere.

It horrifies me that in this day and age that anyone can seriously believe the Earth is flat. They clearly have ZERO understanding of a sphere and it’s characteristics as well as ZERO appreciation of the amazing European history of astronomy. Large numbers of Whites seem to have no idea whatsoever about the amazing history of astronomy for hundreds of years BEFORE European people could even FLY!

There are so many ways to prove that the Earth is a sphere. And you don’t need NASA or any special equipment in order to figure it out.

For example, during an eclipse of the Moon, it is the Earth’s shadow which actually falls on the Moon. You can see it’s curvature there.

If you had any conception of navigation at sea, which is another wondrous thing Whites pulled off, then that too would show you in 1001 different ways that the Earth can only be a sphere. The methods of navigation of sailors, with our fabulous instruments which were invented centuries ago, would not be possible on a flat Earth.

It bothers me that Whites keep focusing on NASA and possible NASA hoaxes when the proofs are out there, in other texts and older science, that lots of things ARE TRUE and that Whites have left the Earth and HAVE explored other planets, and that it is NOT A HOAX.

Astronomy is one of the greatest achievements of our race, and if you could understand and grasp the extremely simple tools that White men had hundreds of years ago, and what they could do with those tools, you would fall on your back.

The observations, ideas, and sheer brilliance of Whites, and the mathematics and concepts which were developed in Europe by our ancestors are just astounding.

There are things I learned about astronomy, that when I read it, that decades later it still had not properly dawned on me, how amazing it really is.

There were times when I also criticised science and I went out on a limb and wrote up my silly ideas. And I will tell you, decades later, I had to admit that I was wrong and science was right. Nobody told me I was wrong. Most people were polite. But I was wrong about some things and it took me years to realise I was wrong. And then I sat and thought in amazement how cool science is and what Whites have achieved through careful and clear thinking.

Our science is incredible. Truly it is. The science created by our race will blow your mind.

A particular fact that really blows my mind when I think about it now is this: Do you know that rocks from other planets have been found on Earth? But it’s true. Rocks from Mars have been found on Earth, and yet, we have never been able to actually send a space craft to Mars to retrieve rocks. There are plans for it. But we already had Mars rocks before we even sent rockets to Mars.

The Martian rocks were found in ice, I think in the Antarctic. We have lots of rocks falling on Earth daily, but there are specific rocks, a few, that may have come all the way from Mars.

I can’t remember off-hand, all the different places rocks from outer space have fallen, and which ones originate from other bodies (e.g. the Moon). But this has been very well studied.

Science is, unquestionably, the greatest creation of the European people. Words cannot even begin to describe this incredible achievement.

The sheer genius of our people in grasping certain things and figuring certain things out, is almost beyond belief.

The knowledge that was known and proven as a fact HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO, by Europeans, long before air travel, long before rockets, will amaze you.

Perhaps one day I should do a video about it. Then you will see the true genius of the European peoples.

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