Fighting White Defeatism … Jews want to break our spirits…

[I got a nice compliment from one of my supporters. If we Europeans had real leaders, we would not be suffering from Defeatism. But we are in that horrible state of mind because the Elite and the Rich and the Powerful … ARE TRAITORS TO THEIR OWN RACE and they enjoy our pain BECAUSE BEING THE TRAITORS THEY ARE, THEY HATE US. Jan]

The supporter wrote:
Happy new year Jan! You are doing an brilliant job fighting defeatism among our people

I replied:-
The Jewish filth want to break our spirits, and with all their high level traitors who have the power to smash our little movements and break everything we do ruthlessly … it is easy for people to lose faith. This is normal. And the enemy wants us to stop. When we stop, then THEY WIN!

I appreciate your kind words. Thank you indeed. I hope you are well.

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