EXCELLENT NEWS: The Christian, Jew-exposing website SMOLOKO is BACK!!!


Smoloko is back, but with a name change. Its new name is: https://neoncrusader.com/

I got that in an email from Alicia today!

Some great news! You may remember that Scottie Spencer had stopped doing Smoloko.com the website that did the greatest memes of all time exposing the Jewish lies and their filth.

Today I heard from Alicia Frischmann that Smoloko was back online! So she and Scottie are busy rocking again!

NOBODY did better memes on such a mass scale exposing the Jews as Scottie and Alicia. They were incredible. I downloaded large numbers of their memes. Scottie’s contribution to our race is beyond imagination! Even my Boer Pagan pal, who was an Atheist, used the work that came from Smoloko. When it comes to Memes exposing the Jews … nobody can hold a candle to the incredible work of outstanding quality that came from Smoloko!

Yep… the Jews are going to find that their most tenacious Christian truth tellers are BACK!!!!

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