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A female ring-tailed lemur named Charlie this week became the first animal to receive a special COVID-19 vaccination at the Philadelphia Zoo — Charlie was part of a group of 10 animals, including four other ring-tailed lemurs, four western lowland gorillas, and a Sumatran orangutan, to get their shots:

In the coming weeks, 113 animals at the zoo will receive the two-dose vaccine from a shipment of 240 doses provided by Zoetis, a former subsidiary of Pfizer headquartered in New Jersey that develops drugs for animals. Nationally, there have been documented cases of zoo animals becoming sick from COVID-19, including gorillas, snow leopards, and tigers at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and just last week at Zoo Atlanta with western lowland gorillas testing positive.

There have been no confirmed cases at the Philadelphia Zoo, but a couple of instances of gorillas showing possible mild symptoms, prompting tests that turned out negative, said Keith Hinshaw, the zoo’s director of animal health. “When it’s cold season, you’ll see gorillas get colds. When it’s allergy season, you’ll see gorillas get allergies, and so on,” Hinshaw said. “There’s been a couple of times this year where we had gorillas who had a runny nose or a cough, or something like that.” But so far, he said, “we have not found any coronavirus in any cases here.”

Earlier this year, Zoetis announced it was providing more than 11,000 doses of its vaccine to zoos and other organizations. Zoos are not required to publicly reveal if they are vaccinating their animals for COVID-19, but ones that have made announcements include those in Oakland, San Diego, Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, and now Philadelphia. Vaccine made by Zoetis for animals is being used this week at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Officials at the Philadelphia Zoo said they are designing their vaccination schedule based on factors like prioritizing higher-risk animals, vaccinating animals trained to receive injections voluntarily, and identifying animals who are already scheduled for routine physical exams….

After the Zoetis vaccination became available, Philadelphia Zoo officials approached the company about receiving doses. Zoetis handles the government approvals because the vaccine is experimental, Hinshaw said. Each use needs to be authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an equivalent state authority. Any adverse reactions from the vaccine need to be reported immediately, Hinshaw said, and so far none have been documented.

To guard against the transmission of the virus, animal keepers wear face masks, face shields, and gloves. Zoo staffers are encouraged to be vaccinated themselves against COVID-19. “Anything we can do to prevent the virus replicating in animals … is a plus,” he said. “Because every time it replicates is a chance for that virus to mutate, and you can get another variant, [a] strain that might be worse than what you already have. So vaccines are important for animals and humans.”

Both Pfizer and Moderna had been doing animal studies with mRNA vaccines for years — and all the animals in those trials became gravely ill or died.

That is why the FDA allowed these companies to skip the animal trials for the COVID vaccines — it wasn’t simply to help get the vaccine to the market as quickly as possible under “Operation Warp Speed.”

They skipped the animal trials because the vaccines would have killed so many animals that they vaccines could never have gotten FDA approval — and that would have thrown a wrench in their plan to vaccinate the public using Emergency Use Authorization — under which the public essentially takes the place of the lab animals.

Instead they experimented on humans — killing and maiming untold numbers that most certainly reach well into the hundreds of thousands.

Allegedly, it’s the “spike proteins” that cause all the damage of the COVID “virus” — but if that’s so, why create a mRNA “vaccine” that reprograms our DNA to create huge amounts of these spike proteins?

Did they not think that these artificially induced spike proteins would not damage our bodies the same way the wild COVID spike proteins do? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Even if our bodies create an antibody response to these mRNA-induced spike proteins, what’s to stop the new spike proteins from damaging our blood vessels and causing massive clotting and other problems at the same time?

Evidence suggests that’s exactly what is happening.

Traditional vaccines use “attenuated” or broken forms of viruses that have the infective features neutralized so they can’t cause damage — theoretically.

So in a traditional vaccine, the spike proteins on the virus would be modified so they can’t attach to the ACE2 receptor cells, for example.

That’s not the case with these mRNA vaccines — the mRNA-induced spike proteins are just as damaging as the wild type COVID virus spike proteins.

To explain away this contradiction, the vaccine makers falsely claimed that the mRNA vaccines produced spike proteins stayed at the site of the injection — and only the antibodies against the spike proteins circulated in the bloodstream, thus protecting the body against damage of these artifically created spike proteins.

But according to Dr. Bryram Briddle — professor of viral immunology and prominent vaccine researcher — these mRNA-induced spike proteins did not stay localized at the site of injection, but quickly spread throughout the entire body — causing untold havoc and damage to the body.

A biodistribution study in Japan confirmed what Briddle was claiming — that the spike proteins could be found everywhere in the body — and most concerning in organs and women’s ovaries, which can lead to sterility.

And there appears to be no mechanism within the mRNA vaccines to turn them off once enough antibodies to the spike proteins has been created — so our bodies endlessly produce spike proteins until our organs are overwhelmed by them and fail — which is what we have seen in people who have died of organ failure after getting the shots.

And unless the vaccines that these zoo animals are getting is substantially different from the ones given humans, we can expect to see a lot of those animals become very sick and die for the very same reasons.

If and when those vaccinated zoo animals start dying, we won’t expect those deaths to be reported in the news — except as “COVID” deaths, just as it’s been in humans.

Source: https://christiansfortruth.com/after-human-trials-and-fda-approval-pfizer-covid-vaccine-deemed-safe-enough-to-use-on-zoo-animals/

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