EXCELLENT: More trouble for the Jew Zuckerberg: Second Facebook Whistleblower Agrees To Testify Before Senate


[This is excellent. The Whistleblower seems to be Chinese. But we need to see how powerful this evidence is. But it's exciting. Jan]

A second Facebook Inc FB whistleblower tweeted her willingness to testify before Congress, New York Post reports.

The former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang claimed to have submitted documents showing "potential criminal violations" to an unspecified U.S. law enforcement agency.

Zhang claimed to have testified privately before a European Parliamentary committee in 2020.

Zhang posted a memo to Facebook’s internal forum accusing the social media giant of failing to tackle hate and misinformation on the day of her termination.

Zhang admitted to proving how foreign governments misused fake social media accounts to manipulate public opinion. However, Facebook did not take her findings seriously, alleged Zhang.

Facebook refuted the allegations.

Source: https://www.benzinga.com/government/21/10/23336973/second-facebook-whistleblower-agrees-to-testify-before-senate?utm_campaign=mixi.media&utm_campaign=

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