EXCELLENT: Jewish Censorship is FAILING & the Alt-Right continues to surpass the Left-Wing and Alt-Con Sites

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[This is fantastic news. And I'm glad that the cucks are failing. All in all … downright excellent. Whites are winning the asymetrical war against the Jews. Its AWESOME! Jan]

The abrupt take down of Red Ice TV, a Youtube sensation, is the latest in tactical censorship being conducted by Zionist organizations. In just three years, American intellectual elites have gone from defending Richard Spencer’s right to speak in public spaces to embracing Chinese-style censorship in consensus.

Few young people in their 20s and 30s are classical liberals or center-left today. In an April 2019 episode of The Dave Rubin Show, well-funded Zionist super-racist Yoram Hazony – who has been aggressively trying to coopt the nationalist radicals and drag them back to liberalism through his “National Conservatism” – stated these concerns in plain terms at an hour and three minutes:

“I think it’s a mistake to dismiss the far right, not that I’m sympathetic to them, but the quality of the arguments, the work that’s being done by people to justify a kind of neo-Darwinian, kind of racist white identity politics, they are actually doing quite a bit of work to get this idea into shape. I detest it. I hope it’s soundly defeated. But it’s really quite attractive to lots of people in their 20s and 30s, where they’re looking at the old liberal order and are saying ‘oh my god, that doesn’t work, so where do we go?’Support Russia Insider – Go Ad-Free!
That means that yeah, those of us that are inclined to a national conservatism that has nothing to do with race, those of us that think the color of your skin really should make absolutely zero difference in the way we order society, why the color of your skin? Those of us who are inclined to a national conservatism which will believe in the nation and its heritage but have no interest in the genetic population that you supposedly came from.

We have a lot of work to do to create an idea sufficiently powerful, coherent and attractive, so that it will actually be political effective. Before these other guys…you know…before t hey win! Right now they’re not winning, but 10 years from now, 20 years from now, all bets are off, we don’t know where this is going. They’re dangerous, but there’s an opportunity to create a much more traditionalist conservative, a decent moderate, common sense, traditionalist conservatism which will be nationalist.[…]

In other words, the institutionally supported right-wing critics of censorship and political correctness have the most to gain from Zionist censorship, so appealing to their supposed principles to defend our right to engage in commentary, debate, analysis, journalism and so on is a fruitless endeavor.

The logic behind deplatforming, using the figleaf of “safety” – is the same as that in any other tyrannical order. Joseph Stalin famously said “ideas are far more powerful than guns, we do not let our enemies have guns, so why should we allow them to have ideas?” The goal is to protect the Jewish controlled liberal oligarchy by preventing the masses from being given the intellectual tools to articulate the very real material and social conditions they are experiencing.

A second, periphery goal, is to force people on social media to interact exclusively with left-liberals and right-liberals, and for young people, the safe and controlled “rebellion” of anarchism and communism, in hopes that they will be able to drag the Overton Window back.

In crude terms, the youth of America is increasingly split between new forms of communism and National Socialism, which has led to elite commentators talking about this split as a crisis of liberalism.

Many people, including some of the less thoughtful opponents of nationalism, are declaring that “deplatforming works!” The censorship has had some impact on morale in the alt-right as well, and made it more difficult for commentators and journalists to do their jobs due to sanctions by banks and internet services against those they deem to have ideas threatening to the establishment.

But just because police repression, $10 million dollar invasive lawsuits and aggressive unpersoning against activists has made it more difficult to engage in the public square doesn’t mean that the consciousness and movement are dead.

On the contrary, interest in alt-right materials has been rising in the last six months in spite of the enormous odds. The populist-left, which rose besides the alt-right and is its only competitor for young hearts and minds, on the other hand has had interest in it declining rapidly, even as its candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning for president.

Alt-Right vs Alt-Left Traffic

SimilarWeb is the most objective and accurate gauge of site traffic.

According to the metric, the largest anarchist/”antifa” website in America, It’s Going Down, which is updated numerous times a day and is the go-to news source for the “alt-left,” was for the first time surpassed last month in traffic by Hunter Wallace’s scrappy news site Occidental Dissent. In May 2019, IGD got 190,000 unique visits to OD’s 60,000. In September 2019, those numbers were sharply inverted, with IGD getting 95,000 visits to OD’s 130,000.

Jacobin Magazine is by far the most influential publication on the socialist left and the Bernie Revolution, featuring its most important academics and intellectuals. It is listed on Google News and promoted by mainstream media outlets. Yet according to SimilarWebs, its traffic is now roughly equal to Unz.com, a platform that hosts Holocaust revisionists, white nationalists and anti-war materials. In August 2019, Unz even briefly surpassed Jacobin Mag.

Current Affairs, the second most influential publication on the left, has seen a drastic collapse in its traffic. Its editor, Nathan J. Robinson, has been criticized for moving away from old-school socialist ideas that made Bernie popular and embracing identity politics. Current Affairs went from 2 million unique visitors in April 2019 to now 540,000 6 months later. While not a perfect comparison (metrics for Chapo Trap House are not available), the podcast site The Right Stuff, which is only updated with content once a day, has now surpassed Current Affairs in influence with 930,000 visitors (an increase from 870,000 six months ago).

Other pro-white publications, like the academic journal The Occidental Observer, are also seeing notable increases despite being niche and not as well known. TOO has seen an increase in traffic from 100,000 to 120,000, with a spike last month that brought it to 140,000.

Two Youtube based programs with membership programs dedicated to spreading ideas outside of the mainstream to the public, Red Ice TV and Sam Seder’ Majority Report, also show this trend. Despite the massive gulf in resources, Red Ice’s website gets significantly more visits than the Majority Report, whose traffic is so low it doesn’t even register.
The traffic for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website is also in dire straits. From August to September, the SPLC lost almost half of its traffic, from 1.4 million visitors to 750,000. If popular support, rather than money and lawyers, governed American politics and social norms, TRS and Unz would be deciding who gets a platform and who doesn’t more than the SPLC.

Drama Doesn’t Bring New Readers

Alt-right or formerly alt-right websites, ranging from comedy to political commentary, that manufacture drama or ‘infighting’ in hopes of driving traffic have not seen similar increases.

The Daily Stormer, which has made trolling nationalists and trying to stoke drama its main agenda in recent months, has lost one million readers in just two months, from 2.8 million in July to 1.8 million now. DS is updated numerous times a day, has a community forum and is still freely listed on Google searches, unlike some of the publications it seeks to target as rivals.

Luke Ford and his famous gossip blog are also suffering. Ford’s website has been quoted in books and he has enjoyed minor celebrity status in the past. Today, his drama-focused website is neck and neck with the three week old National Justice.

Terror House Magazine, run by Matt Forney, also shows dismal numbers. Despite being a year and a half old and lots of hard work put into it every day, the sites traffic numbers are abysmal.

This is an interesting revelation and proof that many people are bored with those who wish to pivot away from politics and towards becoming “alt-right Jerry Springer.”

The Alt-Cons

Millennial conservatives that have declared themselves anti-fascist or against the “alt-right” but want to take its audience are also pathetic.

Traffic to youth-oriented, heavily publicized and billionaire funded organization TPUSA’s site has collapsed from 150,000 in April 2019 to 85,000 last month.

Human Events, a once prestigious publication revived by Will Chamberlain with millions of dollars in start-up money seeking to tap into chan and “gamer” culture and reset it back to conservatism, is in a total freefall. In May 2019, Human Events went from 1.25 million unique visitors to 160,000 today. It seems unlikely that this publication will stay online.

Blaze TV, a subscription service with enormous capital sinked into it that features “edgy” Zionist and right-liberal sensations like Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin, Phil Robertson, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Eric Bolling, etc has fallen from 460,000 visitors in June to a comparatively paltry 190,000 visitors today. This is all considering the very expensive advertisement campaign they have been blasting over social media.

While these individuals have taken over the Trump populist movement, their ideas are simply not taking. When it comes to popular support, the besieged alt-right is still significantly stronger than what these alt-“cuckservatives” turned Millennial memers and South Park libertarians have to offer, in spite of a gargantuan inequality in funding and ability to operate freely.

US plutocracy has made it essentially impossible for an alt-right Breitbart or Daily Caller equivalent to function so there is no comparison here, but these largely cater to much older audiences anyway.

What Can We Conclude?

The illusion of liberal consensus is just that, a lie. On the surface it may look and feel like critiques of Jewish power, liberalism and globalization are fringe and reaching the masses is impossible, but every day more and more Americans are jumping through a myriad of hoops to seek out our ideas. Looking at the total shut down of the ability for nationalists to reach the public, this means that at least some of the steady growth in interest is from word of mouth.

Another break out of these ideas is due, and inevitable. The social conditions, being flagrantly ignored by the plutocracy, demand it. Jewish power brokers and liberal hacks may think the solution to majorities voting for Trump to end immigration or Brexit is to silence them and imprison them, but in the long-term, they do this to their own detriment.

The nationalists are still winning. The question now is how to leverage this popular power for real world political wins.

Source: https://russia-insider.com/en/censorship-isnt-working-traffic-alt-right-websites-continues-rise-surpasses-left-wing-and-alt-con?ct=t(Russia_Insider_Daily_Headlines11_21_2014)&mc_cid=1d4f51e033&mc_eid=e21cf7900f

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