Excellent comments from a supporter in New York about Jews, dumping TV, etc…


Here are some comments from a supporter of mine on my via about The Xmas I kicked the Jews out. I dumped my TV in 2012. I never switch it on. I had already stopped listening to the radio about 10 years prior to that. All the Jewish/Liberal influence on radio had irked me intensely.

Cut away from the Jewish lies … enter a white world, where your mind is free and where we can happily speak to each other. Its AWESOME! Dump the Jews. Stop paying the bastards a cent.

Here’s what my supporter wrote:

I got rid of my cable tv subscription two years ago although I still have to pay for cable. If all the whites did this and stop buying newspapers and magazines we would send a message to our owners. Ive tried to wake people up in my neighborhood. Ive hung flyers, tried to post stuff on my Nextdoor neighborhood app but get shut down. When I go out of my house I feel like I live in another world. There are only three kinds of people : the ones who know, the ones that dont know and the enemy. I refuse to talk to my brother bc if a family member cant trust the information you present than whats the point? He may as well be a Jew , he works on emotions and feels instead of facts. Im in New York and you would think people would be more intelligent but I think we are the strongest hit by propaganda.

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