EVERYONE HAS NAMED THE JEWS EXCEPT TRUMP & MAGA: The Enemy Is No Longer Subtle and The Truth Is No Longer Quiet

[This was pasted on Gab. Even Torba has been forced to name the Jews. There is no excuse to keep quiet. But I think the Trump types, being as weak as they are, have too much Jewish baggage of their own. He's fading away. We need to keep moving forward. This below was posted on Gab. Jan]

steve troyer (@Samisdat14) / Gab Social

Torba named the jew
Several founding fathers named the jew
Hitler named the jew
Christ named the jew
Just about every person that the patriots look up to, aside from Trump and the heads of the MAGA movement, has named the jew.
If it hasn’t sunk in yet I don’t think it’s going to.
It is forgivable that that people are deceived as they are bombarded with endless brainwashing from the time they are born, but it is inexcusable that people are still ignorant of the facts when the enemy is no longer subtle and the truth is no longer quiet.

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