Europe and NATO: The Jews will want to make the Ukraine War a European War – What US Generals WANT

The one thing I’m noticing is that the Europeans and Americans are playing a tricky diplomatic game in this Ukraine stuff. But when I look at what the Jew Rat Zelensky is trying with the No Fly Zone, etc …. He is trying to lure NATO into an outright war with Russia. And NATO does NOT want to do this.

So the big danger of NATO and the USA doing this stuff is that you never know how the Jew rats, Zelensky, Nuland and Blinken and others are setting things up, that this could expand into a wider war. The Jews hate the Europeans anyway and would gladly throw them under the bus.

The Western Generals, especially the American Generals, nevertheless see opportunities for bleeding Russia. For the US Generals, this is a dream come true. For the American Generals their 2 enemies are Russia and China and Russia has thousands of nukes pointed at the USA. So the American Generals are getting a chance to bleed Russia dry … and thereby weaken Russia on the whole in all other areas. e.g. Nukes, Submarines, etc. So for the American Generals this is a straw they no doubt would love to grasp because of it’s benefits for them.

The Jews with their endless hatred of Europe no doubt would like to see Europe, first and foremost suffering harm.

So I do wonder if this war could end up getting bigger.

It does appear that as the Ukrainians slowly lose, that this could expand into other areas, notably Georgia.

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