Endless Jewish/Liberal harrassment of Whites: We need a quiet place on the Internet


Here is a comment one of my supporters wrote recently. This may be what we whites need because Jews, being the bags of shit that they are, CANNOT leave whites alone for a second. They, the shit bags, know that if whites are left to themselves, that we will become sane and friendly with each other and we will work together successfully and defeat them, hence, the Jewish bags of crap CANNOT allow whites even a minute of peace because they know, THEY WILL LOSE!

This is what my reader wrote:

What I think we need is a nice quite place on the internet where we aren’t being tracked and recorded. It’s going to be virtually impossible to get anything going if we don’t figure out a way to do this. Those of us who know what’s going on are actually quite a large number, but we are spread out across half the world. This makes internet communication, or at least mobile networks, essential for us to organize. The problem is that all of the clearnet, and most of the darknet, is already being monitored. Don’t kid yourself either, they don’t monitor the dark web for chimos, they monitor them for us. They want to keep track of real political dissent. Especially the dissent of white nationalists, because we are the only ones that can actually pose a threat right now. If the Chinese people started to wake up and realize who is actually running their country, they’d be a bigger threat to the power structure than us, but they are sound asleep.

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