Emergency alert – U.S. Marines reserve forces activated to respond to “threats in the Homeland”

[Just in. Jan]


JPW comment:

Above link and some other ones below contain some points confirming that something serious is brewing in the American “homeland”:

  • In the videos there is talk about (globalist) UN trucks inside certain states moving heavy war equipment into place (David Hodges). Alex’s, Lisa’s, David’s and Mike’s videos sound somewhat hysterical (as usual).
  • Trump is finding out about the seriousness of the plots of American and foreign crypto-communist globalists against him via a contrived impeachment coup with threatened arrests of White House staff, who fail to follow their citation to submit to appear for questioning by Congress, which is being categorically resisted by the Trump administration.
  • I read elsewhere that Trump has activated the US Marine Corps to train for a parachute assault into Washington DC. For that info check out the last few headlines/links at http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/ . In my area (Caribbean) the “Google Gestapo” is trying to block access to that site now. Just ignore it and submit again/anew and it will work.
  • SOTN has an excellent in-depth background report about the whole situation: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=129335#more-129335

Motivations for all these troubles are criminal conspiracies dating from the days of the crypto-communist Obama-Biden-Hillary presidency, which is in deep trouble as their conspiratorial misdeeds are close to being revealed (and punished).

Only Trump can save the planet from the tightening noose of tyrannical and murderous central banking bankruptcy foreclosure.

It’s late, so i have to sign off for tonight and leave these investigations to you.

Good vibes to all!

Jobst W.

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