Dumber than a Rock/Plank – Bag of Shit Joe Biden’s first Presidential order: WAR ON WHITES!


So what did the old bag of shit do as his first move in the stolen Presidency?

He issued an executive order for every Govt dept to root out "Systematic Racism".

Let me translate this Jewish/Communist speak for you: WAR ON WHITE AMERICANS!

Your illegal President is about to destroy Whites in the US Govt.

Don’t worry White Americans, welcome to the club, where, like the Whites of South Africa, you will be rooted out of EVERYTHING. You will be driven out of your job … because you’re NOT a treasonous, grovelling hater of White people.

He’s merely launching a war on Whites.

Hmmm … it’s been about a day … DO YOU MISS DONALD TRUMP YET?

Whatever his weaknesses were, he wasn’t a total C*NT. We have a White Obama.

His VP is also illegal. I was told that. Americans were telling me the Mixed Race Jewish hag, is an anchor baby. Also, a non-American like Obama.

You White Americans are living to watch how your entire nation and civilisation has been stolen right from under your feet AND you will be DRIVEN OUT of your job – especially if you are in Govt … because you are WHITE!

A Jewish plan is coming together … to Quote the old A-Team from TV in the 1980s. 🙂

Your entire country is being stolen from you and YOU ARE DECLARED TO BE THE ENEMY OF THE NATION (yes, crazy I know) and YOU ARE DECLARED TO BE A THREAT TO CIVILISATION ITSELF!

It’s all F*CKING NUTS … I know, I know.

But yeah … I feel for you.

I have nothing but contempt for your new "leader".

Damn. I miss Trump already.

Sadly, Trump never pardoned Matt Hale. So sad. So sad. Matt must be hitting new lows as all his hopes are dashed. If you can, please write to poor Matt.

Pain, suffering, disappointment and outright unfairness … is what will bring us, the European people’s together.

Don’t worry.


Hang in there!

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