Dumber than a Rock, Joe Biden – It’s just, Jews, Jews and more Jews … crawling everywhere…


For those folks who thought Trump was bad regarding the Jews … that’s nothing. Wait until you see Biden and the Jews. Just Jews everywhere…

Earlier today I saw a note circulating that the top 5 of Biden’s important people are Jews.

But later, to my horror I discovered that others pointed out his top 10 pics … and its just Jews, Jews, Jews … crawling everywhere. The Fed, the CIA … you name it. EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT = JEWS. Insane.

Only now, while doing other research did I discover that in September 2020, the Jews were boasting that Jews are leading the efforts to get Biden in as President.

He’s surrounded by Jews and Jews were everywhere … just like with that mixed race, illegal faggot Obama when the Jews came with $750 billion to get the first non-White male in as the US President.

It’s Jews, Jews everywhere, and the Jewish hag Yellen is attacking Bitcoin. She is trying to destroy Bitcoin!


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