Dr Pierce: America should only have 50 million people – My Thoughts

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[Whites generally are the only people who want a lower population everywhere. But I think JEWS want billions of non-Whites because Jews have these demented notions of killing and crushing all Whites. Jews are the ones filled with true HATRED. I think 50 million White Americans is too little. I have no problem with there being 300 million or 500 million White Americans. I know that they would run the country well. A weakness among all of us Whites, is our lack of appreciation of the importance that there be a higher population of Whites. Seriously, we need as many children as we can make. Don't worry about the population. We need numbers so we can win. Jan]

This is from a discussion Alex Linder and I were having with someone else on his pieville network:

Dr William Pierce once said there should only be 50 million people in America. Alex Linder and I both agreed this number is way too low:

Alex wrote: @TheIronHeart you gotta understand too, pierce was a … misanthrope. 50m is absurdly low.

I wrote:
@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart I totally agree with you Alex. 50m on such a huge continent is way too low. We Whites NEED NUMBERS. We cannot have too many children. To be frank with you, I’d rather we wipe whole continents of others clean, and populate them only with Whites. Africa – first on the list. That’s my dream. I like Ben Klassen – he said we must take the whole planet. Definitely.

I checked. America is 2.5 times the size of Europe with a population of 300m. Europe, despite it’s tiny size is currently 748 million. I’d say Europe is a bit over populated. The USA could easily handle 500 million with lots of room to spare.


@Someguy We need numbers. You can’t have too much of a good thing. We need a large population of Whites everywhere. We need it for expansion and defence purposes. The more Whites, the more creativity and work we can engage in. I say we must breed like rabbits. Then NOBODY will be able to stand in our way. @alex_linder Europe is a good case in point. Look at how many Germans are crammed into a small space. But look at what they are capable of.

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