Dr Goebbels … MASTER TRUTH TELLER!!! When Propaganda meant TRUTH!


I had to chide one of my friends who sent me something negative about Goebbels, and I told him that if he actually studies Dr Gobbels (or any of the other Nazis in fact), that these guys told the TRUTH. Dr Goebbels, as Minister of Propaganda was NOT a minister of lies, as the British and Jews would have you believe. In fact, quite the opposite. The statements of Goebbels and Hitler will stand tall until the end of time. You can check their facts, check what they said and assess it for yourself.

In the years that I’ve been studying the Germans and Hitler and the NAZIs, I must tell you, I’ve found nothing to indicate that they lied even once. Those guys told the truth … the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This stands in stark contrast to abhorrent serial liars like America’s Roosevelt or Churchill.

Hitler was a man of honour, and I will tell you, that man lived his life properly and made the right moves, right up to the day he died. He was no fool, and definitely no liar!

Heil Hitler!!!

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