Dr Gobbels: Exaggerated Jewish Intellectualism – lying about the brilliant Dr Goebbels


I was watching a video about the rise of the NAZIS which had a lot of old film footage in it. Then there are the 1933, book burnings of the NAZIS.

I have noticed that all the modern (read: Lying Jewish) commentaries about it. They say that the NAZIS were "anti-intellectual". In other words, Hitler and his people were a bunch of retards.

But that is a TOTAL LIE. Nobody was more intellectual than Hitler and his people.

However, the wonderful, brilliant, Dr Gobbels, had something else to say. I need to watch the video again, but I’m sure that in it, he spoke of "the EXAGGERATED Jewish Intellectualism".

In other words, the FAKE, OVERBLOWN Jewish intellectualism.

It’s something I’ve watched in modern Jews. Jews are always running around and claiming to know how to solve all the world’s problems. They claim to know all sorts of things. As time has gone by I find myself wondering how clever are Jews really? They’re malicious. We know that. They’re spiteful, and they’re also cunning.

But Jews can also be dumb and stupid – I think. I think Jews can genuinely be total idiots actually. Where their BEST INTELLECTUALISM is LOWER than anything we have.

So when I heard Dr Goebbels talking about exaggerated (I think that’s the word he used), "exaggerated intellectualism", I found myself nodding and thinking, yeah, as usual, the wonderful, amazing, truth-telling Dr Goebbels hit the nail squarely on the head.

And I think NOTHING HAS CHANGED, almost a century later. That we’re still haunted by this same thing.

Jews are quick to open their big mouths, even when they are total idiots.

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