Don’t worry about all the Russia-Ukraine war talk…


Personally, I’m so bored with all the fake sabre rattling going on. I don’t take Russian/Ukraine stuff seriously. I don’t see any reason why Russia would want to go to war with Ukraine. If so, they are going about it for the wrong reason.

The Russians are far more professional than to be doing things like this.

This is just a big act. Just a lot of sabre rattling. It won’t come to anything.

This is like the Chinese-Taiwan crap.

Lots of talk and no action. I would be totally amazed if the Russians were to attack Ukraine. I would be even more amazed to see the Chinese attacking Taiwan. The dumb Chinese won’t do it because they will see their asses.

It’s just a lot of Jewish bunk noise-making – possibly to take advantage of the retard Biden who will be bad for the American position.

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