Did the Jews get to the Volkslehrer in Germany? He’s now saying Hitler was a Zionist and more


[A supporter sent me this message about the Volkslehrer in Germany. The Jews seem to be dashing around everywhere at a pace like never before –
most likely because of the message that is managing to get out there. They’re always busy corrupting people. I don’t know enough detail about the Volkslehrer. He seemed to be doing good work. We’ll have to watch him. Jan]

The original message:-

Your friend the Volkslehrer, Nikolai Nerling, claims and teaches the Germans, that Hitler was for sure a Zionist. Minute 7:31. Isn’t this nice?! Almost everybody is a traitor. Source https://volkslehrer.org/?p=1586
I am convinced, he now is working for the Jews, and his task is, to wash to the surface as many as possible National socialists.

I replied:

Thanks very much for this. Keep me in the loop about the Volkslehrer.

It does not surprise me if he’s now softened by the Jews.

EVERYONE falls for this. look at how pathetic Trump has become. Once upon a time he was a booming “lion” and now he’s a whimpering puppy.

If you want to stand up to the Jews you MUST be a Hitler or a Goebbels and be willing to die for it. We just don’t have people that determined yet.

I’m 75% through Napoleon’s personal memoirs and I found references to the Jews and what contempt he holds for them. Napoleon and Hitler and these military types are the ONLY types of White males who will ever be able to stand up to the Jews… and then you’ll see the lying and howling that comes from them.

I will publish your note. Thanks for the news from Germany. Keep it coming.

A final point: Jews deliberately create CONFUSION so that the race of rats can survive among us and live among the fools who listen to them. That’s how the parasite works.

Take care, and do whatever red pilling you can in Germany! Heil Hitler brother! Regards,

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