Diane King replies to Jan: Holocaustianity and Christianity, Sept 23, 2019


[Diane King replied to me. This is what she wrote. Jan]

On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 7:27 PM Diane King wrote:

Dear Jan. I haven’t forgotten you. When asked such an in-depth question as you did (below), I like to pray about the answer, think about it and get back to you (once I returned to Texas). (I’m also sending this to Jim and Joe so they can weigh in if they choose.) I also want to disclaim that I DO NOT know all the answers. Your questions reveal what may seem an inconsistency, even hypocrisy of the Lord. I can only say that I’m familiar with the Lord’s intent and plan, as I’ve read through the Bible in total a number of times, always amazed at HIS willingness to teach and bring to mind HIS WORD (one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit).

First of all, I want to thank you for your consideration in throwing these questions by me. I’ll not attempt to interpret your motive whether as one pursuing the truth (as Buddha allegedly was doing) or merely mocking me. I don’t care. I just want to thank you for the opportunity for me to share a bit. Again, this is FROM ME exclusively, not the spokesperson for a group.

Your question about how the Lord dealt with people in the OT is valid. Do you realize, a TRUE truthseeker would ask HIM rather than use it as an excuse to discredit HIS actions? It’s easy to judge other peoples in another time period on the basis of OUR standards. (Like judging war tactics of those during the BRAVEHEART time period – pretty grizzly, you must admit. Or the civil war battles – and YES those were horrible, but as Jim and I mentioned in a recent video – more hand-to-hand combat then than today, where today, you can anonymously eliminate entire towns with a drone strike – yeah, we are MUCH MORE humane!!!) I know you are not questioning other nations’ tactics with each other, but the God who ordered what seemed barbaric practices.

The purpose of the biblical israel was to represent God and to be the vessel for the Messiah, Jesus Christ, whom they were to embrace but in fact, did ultimately reject. (Their doom was sealed as evidenced by the captivity. They lost their position with the Lord as a nation.) They were to OBEY the rules the Lord gave them WITH each other (the ‘faith’ was not universal as today) and were used as instruments of God’s judgment with other countries. The practices of other countries were heinous, brutal, tortuous, demonic (much like ours today). Israel was to abstain from these practices, but in fact eventually “absorbed” them, if you will, to the extent THEY were considered WORSE than the nations the Lord judged WITH THEM. THE Hebrew people were supposed to KNOW BETTER.

I love the story of God’s redemptive plan that was the MAJOR THEME throughout the OLD and NEW Testaments. There is enough of the Bible to know and do without requiring God to answer ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS about everything. HE OWES US NOTHING. What HE HAS given us is Jesus Christ, His Son. The law represented in the OT couldn’t redeem anyone, as the Apostle Paul said in Romans – it showed us where WE FAILED. Jesus also said with regard to righteousness based ON the law – Mt 5:20 – “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” In other words, THE law, birthright – WOULDN’T WORK ANY MORE. The only ‘thing’ that would work is the TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD – Jesus Christ. We are not to deal with our enemies like the israelites did BEFORE Christ. There IS a better way. HE is the better way.

Jan, I follow the Lord Jesus Christ and because HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, I feel that I must champion the truth WHEREVER it is – about the holohoax, about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism. HE IS MOSTLY the answer to LIFE’S questions and for some unknown reason, He had turned His focus on me in Dec 1971. (I’m only interested in the Lord because HE was interested in me.) While reading John Stormer’s NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, I realized I DID NOT have the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST. In a kind of like vein of Rev 3:20 (Behold I … Jesus Christ is speaking … stand at the door and knock. If any man answer and open the door, I will come into him and sup with him and he with ME.) I “opened the door” of my life, heart, being to Jesus Christ … it’s a relationship, not a religion, a fellowship that HE initiates.

Your questions reveal issues and concerns – mostly concerning God’s Love, fairness, justice, preference of the Hebrew people in the OT (up to a point). We may not know the particulars, but JESUS CHRIST is the picture of HIM reaching out to us. I’m grateful.

Again, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this with you, Jan.

In Christ, Diane King

Hi Diane,
A comment from one of my readers on AfricanCrisis:

Just read chapter 30 of the Book of Numbers this so-called god of love gives the Israelites Commandments not to steal not to murder not to covet your neighbor’s property then he sends them into the wind of midianites to steal all the property to kill all the men women and children and covetall their property. When he finds out Moses lets some of the women and children and old men live he gets pissed off at Moses and send him back to finish the job this time he lets them keep all the little girls who are virgins as booty and then splits them up between the soldiers in the Jews.. maybe you can explain that one. God gives Commandments not to do these things then he changes his mind and orders them to do them very nice isn’t it?

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