Declassified Russian document 1948: Flat Earth Gravity – Are NASA and the CIA lying?


[This is an email I sent to some people who sent me a link to some junk video. It had in it, a claim about a declassified Russian document. I am so sick of responding to Flat Earth crap. But here goes, I try, yet again. Jan]

I hope, please, that you and others will read this to the end. I will explain to you and everyone, how any of you can get in your car and measure the circumference of the earth yourself. And I will answer all the issues mentioned in the "declassified document" below.

I looked at that declassified Russian document which the CIA and NASA commented upon which mentions the "flat Earth" and gravity. I’ve read tons of astronomy stuff in my life. Astronomy was my hobby.

Even if NASA and the CIA are avid liars, they cannot lie about the shape of the Earth. Let me explain why.

And by the way, this video is related to comets and cataclysms. So it’s all this "End Times" junk thinking that’s coming into play here.

How can people say that NASA and the CIA are lying about the Earth’s shape, when the shape of the Earth was already known and measured by the Ancient Greeks?

In that same video the guy makes the point that the Earth’s shape was being regarded as round in 1491 – as if this is some kind of conspiracy.

Let me waste my time, and explain the basics, which people really need to look up and study for sure. There is no document, real or classified in the MODERN TIME which can disprove facts which have been ascertained and known for hundreds, if not thousands of years. People have ZERO KNOWLEDGE of the history of astronomy.

These are the same people who think that advancement 2000 years ago, meant we rode on donkeys and camels like Jews. We were far superior to that.

Whites knew the Earth was round for a long, long time. Long before telescopes they figured this out. The people who figured this out were the Ancient Greeks, 300 years before "Christ". They are responsible for our math, for much of our science, etc.

Among the things that people began to realise was that when there is an eclipse of the Moon, that the round shadow that was crossing the Moon, was in fact the shadow of the Earth. They could understand that it only happened at night and that the Sun therefore was on the opposite side of the Earth.

The first man to ever measure the circumference of the Earth was the Greek, Erastosthenes. You can read about it here:

In a nutshell, all he did was he measured the angle of the sun in the sky at midday on a certain date of the year. He then travelled south to Egypt and on the same date, a year later, he measured the angle of the sun in the sky at midday. He could thus determine the tiny change in the angle of the sun due to the curvature of the Earth. From that he calculated the circumference of the Earth.

All these Flat Earthers could easily carry out this experiment with the correct equipment, like the kind of devices sailors use to measure the angles of celestial objects. All you need are 2 people measuring the angle of the sun in the sky at the same time, while knowing how far apart they are in a direct north-south line. It’s really simple, and I’m amazed nobody has done it. If they were genuinely interested in knowing, they could do this.

Another thing, which no Flat Earther could explain by the way, is how come you can sail or fly around the world? If the Earth is Flat, then how come Columbus sailed West in order to get to a destination in the East? That is only possible on a round Earth.

ALL NAVIGATION of sailing ships, and charts, from the great age of sail, when Whites explored the Earth was based on masses of tables based on a round Earth. Every pilot and ship’s Captain uses those measurements every day. If the Earth was not round, then none of that stuff would work at all, ever.

Regarding the mention in the declassified document that they "don’t know the shape of the Earth". What people don’t even conceive, is how INSANELY ACCURATE science is.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t really know the "shape". It doesn’t mean that NASA isn’t sure if the Earth is a cube, or a triangle. People just don’t grasp the insane levels of accuracy and math that exists in European science.

Let me try to explain that. When astronomers, especially in the time of Kepler, who totally revolutionized astronomy in the 1500s, were busy studying the solar system, they were looking at things like the orbit of the planets.

After much measurement and mathematics, they concluded that the Earth’s orbit, and all other orbits were "eliptical". However, that definition of an orbit being eliptical, is a mathematically accurate statement. However, if they were to draw you the actual orbit on a piece of paper, you would NOT be able to tell that it is eliptical. To you it would look 100% like a circle. So you would say, it is a CIRCLE. But no, you’d be wrong. It is eliptical. I know this. I did this as a teenager. To your eye, it would look exactly circular, but in reality, if you measured it, you would see that indeed, it is eliptical.

So let’s return to the shape of the Earth. Ask scientists what the shape of the Earth is, and they’ll tell you it is … "pear shaped". Here is a modern article from the US Government, which discusses it:

It reads, in part: " While the Earth appears to be round when viewed from the vantage point of space, it is actually closer to an ellipsoid. However, even an ellipsoid does not adequately describe the Earth’s unique and ever-changing shape."

It is exactly the same problem as circular versus eliptical orbits. Look at any photo of the Earth in space and it appears to be a perfect circle. Again, the issue is that they have insanely accurate methods for measuring the Earth’s surface. They will say things like "The Earth is flatter from pole to pole while it is broader at the equator". The difference in height is very tiny, but to you it would appear to be absolutely circular.

The insane levels of mathematical accuracy in astronomy can’t be overstated.

People do not grasp what Whites were doing, with pieces of paper, pencils and simple notebooks hundreds of years ago. The insane levels of depth of thought are incredible.

White men solved problems in their minds, with clear logical proofs, and were doing things you cannot even begin to conceive of. Unless you’ve studied their work, you won’t have the faintest clue what brilliance and genius actually means.

A simple example is Newton, the inventor of calculus. Go and try to wrap your head around calculus, and see if it doesn’t bend your mind. Yet he invented it at a time before calculators and before computers. He did it on pieces of freaking paper.

Another example is logarithms. The incredible power of logarithms in doing extremely sophisticated math.


Astronomy is filled with it. Without Math in astronomy we would know nothing. And, these guys were doing incredible stuff even before telescopes existed.

Kepler for example, came up with a mathematical concept, that is valid, and has been proven, that as a planet sweeps through that elliptical orbit, that the AREA it sweeps out, will be the same through TIME. It has to do with a planet speeding up and slowing down. These are concepts, which it amazes and astounds me, that he could even CONCEIVE OF, in an age before computers.

Whites just have ZERO CONCEPTION about the utter GENIUS, BRILLIANCE and God-like minds of people who lived in our history.

I honestly wish people would take the time to study our past science or even engineering or math. You’ll fall on your back when you realize how clever some of our people were, and how they figured things out which, frankly, are virtually impossible to figure out.

Without those pioneers there would be no internet, no computers, no planes.

I am saddened and disgusted to see that people just cannot comprehend the sheer genius of our race. We have many times in the past, achieved God-like things that nobody else could figure out.

Navigation around the world … in the age of sail … was one of the most incredible developments EVER.


The way the dumb, retarded Chinese did maps and did navigation was nothing like the mathematical perfection that our race achieved. Only we could send our ships straight out into the ocean, with no sight of land, and sail for days, or weeks or months, without seeing land and yet we would know where our ship is? Everyone else followed coastlines.

Truly, the genius of our people is lost on our own people. And no, we are not equal to anyone else. We have done things that are IMPOSSIBLE for others to do. I repeat: IMPOSSIBLE.

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