Crybaby Liberals: False alarm: More Insanity: House Shuts Down Thursday Session Over Garbage Claims of Pro-Trump Militia Attack


[These Democrats are such scum. And the whining about the White right or even patriots is simply shocking. Jan]

Nancy Pelosi shut down the US House on Thursday over the garbage claims of a pro-Trump militia attack.

When was the last time a pro-Trump militia attacked a federal or state facility with guns blazing?

When was the last time a Trump militia shot up any facility in America?

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The FBI admitted earlier today that not a single protester on January 6th was armed. Not one.

But it doesn’t matter. The Democrats are going to continue to play these fantasy games.

The Capitol Hill police are even increasing security based on their alleged militia plot on the Capitol.
What a great job! Just make up something and call out for the day!


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