CRIMES AGAINST HITLER: The ONLY reason WW2 took place was because the Jews wanted it…


This is from a note I sent someone:-

In many respects I feel very sorry for Hitler. Truly, he was a poor man who did his utmost to save his nation, his people, his race and to make Europe great. And he was vilified for that. It is so disgusting. What happened to Hitler was criminal I tell you. The lies told about Hitler and the total misrepresentation of history is so disgusting.

I still also need to publish something I uncovered back in 2018, a proof that long before WW2, that the Jews had issued an order to the Free Masons of the WORLD to create a war against Germany BY ANY MEANS. The Jews wanted war by 1936. The order went out in 1935.

JEWS MANUFACTURED WW2. The only reason WW2 happened was BECAUSE OF JEWS! JEWS are the ONLY REASON why WW2 ever took place.

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