COVID Vaccination: Looks Like Something Really Did Happen To Nurse Tiffany Dover : Alabama – My Comments

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[I had wondered what had happened to this woman, and found this. This could be a troubling sign. It also appears that companies that produce vaccines are immune from prosecution. That is something that came out of the Deleted Bill Gates documentary. Jan]

This is what I was sent about the nurse, and this is troubling:

"The evidence is in the circumstances. The head nurse of the covid

section at CHI Memorial Hospital collapses on live TV, 15 minutes after

being one of the first to receive the vaccine last week and has never

been seen or heard from since. She didn’t even go home and post to

facebook about being on TV [she has maintained an active facebook since


div dir=”ltr”>2009 and also instagram with apparently many hundreds of posts]. Type

her name into youtube or google. Millions of people all over the world

are asking if she is ok and not a single response from her. She has 900

friends on her facebook and she does not respond to them when they asked

if she was ok. At the same time as that, we have swarms of corporate

paid liars attacking anyone on social media who posts about this.

Normal people just want to know what happened to her. The paid shills

try to ridicule and discredit anyone who refuses to believe she is ok

just because THEY say she is and you can see that even here on this sub."

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