COVID-19: Lockdown: FOOD RIOTS coming… Blacks becoming crazy… – Why the Army is being called up…


Just some info in as I’m going through stuff. I’m seeing information showing the state of the South African army. On the one hand, our last C130 plane is no longer functional. Its nose-wheel collapsed earlier this week. So no air lift capability. I like this. Its excellent when your enemy has problems.

But I’m seeing info that blacks are getting ready to storm into shops and steal food. The blacks say they’ll steal food and that the shop owners can claim it back from the Govt!

Of course they will damage shops and do massive damage.

So this is something to watch.

I think the lockdown is going to lead to food riots and this will damage businesses even more. We may end up with a food problem due, thanks only, to this lockdown that this black Jew, Ramaphosa is pushing so hard.

It is therefore possible that some supermarkets might yet be torn up, and that these things will exacerbate and create actual food problems.

The army and police might yet shoot blacks. Not that I’m complaining either way. It’s their leader, they voted for Ramaphosa, and if there is stress between them all, then that’s not our doing.

It looks as if 5 weeks of lockdown has brought us almost to the end of the line. The blacks are definitely breaking and cracking mentally, and the whites are still ok. But they too are beginning to take some strain. Though they can hold out much longer than the blacks.

I think its likely that blacks will riot and there will be some killing. We will have to see. The Govt, especially the black Jew Ramaphosa, is very firm in his goals. So I think we could see some blood being shed. So we will yet see if the Govt kills more people than COVID-19 does! Hahahaha.

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