COVID-19: Killer Virus — or Secret Military Operation ? – My Comments

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[Mike King is definitely on to something here. None of this makes the slightest bit of sense. It is to me as if they are setting us up for something which we are not preparing for. Jan]

Seriously now. Be honest. And stop worrying so much that people might think you are a “conspiracy theorist.”

Do you not find it strange how a virus which has infected and killed far less people than the annual strains of flu and cold viruses has been used to shut down so much of the world, herd people into a state of panic-stricken toilet-paper-hoarding madness and, in essence, usher in a form of martial law all across the United State and many other countries? As of the time of this posting (March 22, 2020) — 30 American states have activated their National Guard units. There is even talk of deploying regular military personnel to cities like New York and Los Angeles. What are these soldiers going to do? Shoot the virus cells?

Now, don’t misunderstand. No one here is denying that there is such a thing as the “coronavirus,” or that people (mostly elderly or sick) have died from its complications. The scam here is in regard to the overblown hype and now, military deployment, over something which is no “deadlier” than the flu. Think about it. How many of you actually know someone, or know of someone, who has died from COVID-19? Did you know that more Americans have choked to death during meals over the past month — or any other past month — than have died of this “pandemic?”(here)What do you say to that? (cue up the sound of crickets).

Even in the aging nation of Italy (supposedly the “hardest hit” country) — the numbers aren’t as bad as the average annual flu death tolls. It’s true!

So, what is this strange event really all about? Who are all these soldiers — soon to be deployed on U.S. and European soil — really going to fight? Well, it’s a long story — one that requires a bit of reading and thinking to fully understand “the big picture” — and one which, although we do lend much credence to, still can’t accept with 100% certainty. But it’s a really good story which The Real History Channel and many other fine researchers / bloggers can guide you to understanding if you are curious enough. But for purposes of this introduction to “The Plan,” let’s keep this chronological presentation simple and concise — yet just comprehensive enough to show you that the historic and surreal event now unfolding across America and the world may not really be about fighting some relatively harmless flu bug.


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