COVID-19: EXCELLENT positive aspects & also very weird Jew aspects


On the positive side, the CIA has said that the Chinese are lying about the extent of COVID-19. Even more positive, the British intelligence agencies are saying that Britain’s relationship with China needs to be revamped including (and this is EXCELLENT), look at technology transfer.

Other positives is that COVID-19 is responsible for a lot of racial tensions even in the West. Suddenly, we are not all the same. A weird aspect is 300,000 Blacks in "little Africa" in China were targeted by the Chinese and that has made blacks in Africa explode in anger!!! And I’m smiling.

There are other positives too. But let me focus on weirdness.

The weird side, the Jew side, is that there are military forces and intelligence forces and even NATO, are changing their normal behaviour BECAUSE OF COVID-19. This is very bad. It allows Jews and the MOSSAD to look for weaknesses and to exploit these special conditions that are arising because of more lax behaviour.

Whenever there is either panic or a behavioural change which reduces security needs, you then run into serious possibilities of the Jew manipulating that. I think even NATO as an organisation made behaviourial changes.

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